WHMCS OVH Notifications

Keep your customers informed

Forward these OVH notifications to your customers

Notifications are product and event specific. For example if you use Proxmox or SolusVM and your customer reboots an instance this will not generate an OVH reboot notification so they will not receive a server rebooted email. For customers using a hosted service like a VPS server they would receive Spam, DDoS and Ant-Hack notifications. If your customer was using an OVH  dedicated server they would receive all notifications.

Spam Notifications

If your customer sends spam from any OVH IP, OVH will automatically block port 25. You will receive a spam detected email from OVH. This email triggers a spam detected notification that is sent to the customer.

DDoS Detected

DDoS protection is enabled on all OVH IPs. When a DDoS attack is detected OVH will warn you with an email notification. This notification triggers a DDoS attack notification that is sent to the customer.

ddos ended

Once a DDoS attack has stopped OVH will send you a notification to advise you of this. This triggers the DDoS attack ended notification which is then sent to your customer.

Reboot notificiations

If you reboot a dedicated server, OVH sends a reboot notification to your registered email address. This triggers the Server Rebooted notification that is sent to your customers email address

Install notifications

When you install a dedicated server or VPS server with an operating system, you get a welcome email with the server's credentials. This triggers the Server Installed email that is sent to your customer.

Rescue notifications

When rescue mode is enabled on a dedicated server, you will receive details to log in. This email from OVH triggers the rescue mode enable notification which is forwarded to the customer.

Anti Hack

Anti-Hack protection is enabled on IPs that are hosting websites that are possibly compromised. A common example is phishing websites. OVH will block the IP resulting in an offline service. This notification is sent to the user.

Monitoring online

OVH monitoring is enabled on all servers by default. If your servers IP times out a server offline notification is sent. This notification triggers the offline server notification that is sent to the customer.

monitoring offline

When the server IP responds again, OVH sends a monitoring online notification. If enabled this triggers the Server Online email notification that is sent to the customers email address.

How Does The OVH Notification Module Work?

Getting the correct information to the right customer.

You host VPS servers or another service using OVH dedicated servers and, you have IP blocks from OVH. Your customer is assigned an IP and, this is listed in the customers WHMCS profile. They have an IP in the Dedicated IP field and more IPs in the Assigned IP field. Your customers VPS server is the target of a DDoS attack aimed at the servers main IP. OVH send you a warning to the email address you have registered with them saying mitigation has been activated.

The OVH Notification module scans your email account and matches the IP in the OVH DDoS warning email to the IP in your customers WHMCS profile. At this point, the module triggers the DDoS warning email and sends this to your customer. Once the attack has ended OVH will send another email saying mitigation has been disabled and again, the module will send the DDoS attack ended email to the customer.

Customize the look and content of the  notifications

Upon install, the OVH Notification module will inject the required templates into your database. There is no need to set up any cron jobs. Just add your email account and customize the email templates from the system email templates section in WHMCS. The module pastes carious logs from the OVH email to the customer's notification. For v1.0 of this module, you must receive emails in English from OVH.

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  • Monitoring Notifications
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Get an example notification. Send an email to spam@dev.gb.net or ddosstart@dev.gb.net

OVH Notification Questions (4)

All you need to know about the WHMCS OVH Notification Module

The content of the SoYouStart emails is exactly the same as the OVH emails so this module will work when using SYS IPs.
Does it matter where I have purchased from?
The content of all OVH emails is the same so it does not matter if you use OVH CA, OVH UK, OVH FR. All that matters is that you must receive the emails in english.
No. V1 if the module does not support whole subnets but we plan to add this in the future. All IPs must be on a new line in the assigned IP field.
This module will work with all versions of WHMCS from V7 upwards. It does not relay on any of the WHMCS templates.

Other Questions (1)

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

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